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Behind the Scenes: The Work of a Software Integration Architect

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

A picture of a tunnel with train tracks representing interconnectivity
Just as architects designed the NYC Subway system, integration architects design system integration,

  1. Planning, presenting, and fostering architectural design discussions with stakeholders and project leads (product manager, development lead, test lead, etc.)

  2. Working with cross-functional teams to design an integration solution that satisfies functional and non-functional requirements

  3. Evaluating integration software and performing gap analysis assessments to address project needs

  4. Assessing the tradeoffs between software and infrastructure offerings

  5. Providing architectural direction to the development team

  6. Building proof of concepts and starter projects during the design phase to prove the technology will fulfill the project's needs

  7. Working with the development team to produce architectural diagrams and design documentation

  8. Tweaking original architecture to accommodate changes in design during the project's implementation

  9. Ensuring non-functional requirements are met, like performance and security

  10. Helping with implementation when needed.

Pro Tip: Be willing to jump in. The best architects are eager to jump in and help the development team with implementation as needed.

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Ede Murali
Ede Murali
Mar 23, 2023

Very nice blog. Perfectly matching Integration Architecture Careers. Thanks.

Replying to

Thank you Murali. Feel free to share with anyone looking to become an integration architect.

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