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How to create a blog post using AI tools like ChatGPT?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This weekend I jumped on the AI (artificial intelligence) hype train and created a blog post using AI tools. The idea was should humans fear AI? To make this post, I used a combination of ChatGPT,

Canva’s new text-to-image app, and Grammarly's plagiarism checker.

Overall, the AI-generated blog post was great. I learned a lot about AI and people's fears about the technology. However, this required some tweaking to put the various artifacts created from these tools into an actual CMS. Here is a possible workflow for someone that wants to create content using AI tools.

A photo of an AI generated robot created by Canva’s text-to-image app.
Meet Chatty Bot. Created using Canva’s text-to-image app

Watch Now

Create an AI-Generated blog post

Watch and follow along as I create an AI-generated blog post using ChatGPT and Canva's image-to-text app.

Allow AI tools to check your AI-generated blog post

Watch as Grammarly’s plagiarism checker crawls the web to determine if the ChatGPT generated content is original.

Blog Post Workflow

I’m sure you could interact with APIs to automate the complete process.

Downloadable AI-generated sample blog post

Are you interested in seeing the post created by ChatGPT with an image from Canva, edited by Grammarly? I have placed a pdf below for you to check out.

Download PDF • 696KB


In conclusion, doing this small project was a great experience to get me thinking about how AI and automation could and are already transforming our daily lives; however, I believe AI should be used to enhance and not replace.

I am currently expanding my content to include a variety of tech concepts. Artificial Intelligence is one of them. Later this week, I will drop video footage of how I generated this post and complete commentary on the pros and cons of using AI for content creation.

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