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API Design & Development

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Application programming interfaces (APIs) expose data and app functionality. APIs are the building blocks of modern software architecture and have touched the lives of everyone.  APIs have been used in health care, retail, finance, hospitality, technology and many more industries. 

What's more, an API strategy should consist of public and private APIs. Consumer-facing applications enable customer connection across digital formats, including social applications, the Web, and mobile devices. Excellent API design and development means a company can provide employees and partners tools to streamline operations and provide better products and customer service.

A software integration content creator can help with API strategies that enable businesses to connect with customers, streamline operations, and overcome the challenges of API design development. Some of these issues include integrating legacy systems with new technology. Additionally, the lack of practical design, testing, and monitoring tools are problems a software integration content creator can help address.

Whitney Akinola is a software integration content creator. She's also the MuleSoft enablement lead for Accenture Federal Services, leading design and code efforts for Mule integrations. Additionally, she conducts enablement activities, including training new developers to leverage Mule 4 and the Anypoint Platform.

Akinola is a three times Certified MuleSoft Developer and Architect and MuleSoft co-Meetup leader. She is passionate about API design development and a software integration content creator, specializing in data migration API design and development with CloudHub, GovCloud, Hybrid, and Runtime Fabric.

If you're searching for solutions for API design development, working with a software integration content creator will help you with a simple, flexible, and easy to adopt a plan, including strategy and goals to ensure your business makes the most of API design development.

Get in touch today to get started with your transformation to digital integration.

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